La Fresque, a climate card game

150. They are 150 young Frenchmen from university or grande écoles who have traveled to Glasgow to distribute card games. They call in queues, intervene at the agora, sneak into informal meetings for a “climate fresco,” a fun way to understand climate change issues. “This question is complex and in order to better understand it, we must help ourselves by using collective intelligence, Displays Cedric Ringenbach, the inventor of the formula and alumnus of the Central School of Nantes. Maps are a medium for the exchange of knowledge

Greenhouse effect, rising sea levels, extreme storms, health effects, effects of deforestation, fossil and renewable energy: Climate change is a subject with many gateways and confusion often reigns between causes and consequences, that of the collective and the individual. Part responsibility, action to be taken. The game consists of 42 cards that summarize the main lessons of the IPCC report. Participants have three hours to learn the truth from the untruth, update their knowledge, gain new knowledge, and dispel untrue or received ideas. “And these sessions always end with debate as the topic lends itself to: space for wind turbines, energy savings, cooperation between developed and developing countries, etc. The fresco is a tool for discussion, not a program”. Cedric Ringenbach continues.

Collectively understand the challenges of climate change

The game was launched in 2018. First introduced in major schools, it has generated genuine enthusiasm. Business Schools, Science POs, Universities of all regions have conducted re-admission sessions which are continuing even today. Most amazingly, Fresco produces animators who often become committed actors. “Some have made it their profession, and the association encourages it but still checks whether the facilitator has the necessary knowledge.“, specifies the inventor. A version is created for children 9-14 years old.

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In three years 250,000 people have played the fresco. 10,000 animators offer their services. Enthusiastic volunteers translated it into 50 languages ​​and distributed it in 35 countries. Large companies such as EDF, Bouygues or Vinci have adopted the formula to train their employees in the energy transition. The association now has 15 employees, thanks to the online sale of the game for 12 euros including subsidies and taxes requested from these companies. It expects over one million users in 2022. Its presence in Glasgow betrays its intention to “conquer the world” by promoting an understanding of current climate events and their consequences and to spread awareness that an ecological transition is as inevitable as it is desperately needed.

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