La Citadelle is testing a telemonitoring system that allows an operated patient to leave the hospital faster in complete safety

On the occasion of World Obesity Day, the CHR de la Citadelle highlights an innovative project in bariatric surgery: the implementation of telemonitoring that allows the operated patient (eg for the placement of a bypass) to go home quickly while still receiving permanent benefits. gives. Assuring post-operative follow-up. To do this, 5 partners effectively collaborated: Citadel Hospital, Masana Company, Atheus Insurer and CSD and Vitale Remote Monitoring Center.

This homecoming – the day after the intervention – is apparently strictly monitored: the patient receives a “kit” with connected devices that allow him to take temperature, saturation and heartbeat: ” The data is automatically processed by our app and sent to the hospital Says Céline Lejeune, project manager at Masana, who specializes exclusively in the health sector. , And if a piece of data looks suspicious, it triggers alerts directly with the remote monitoring centers of mutualistic partners, namely CSD and Vitel, who themselves work closely with the obesity clinic and Citadel’s emergency department. ,

In addition, the patient fills out twice a day – again through the application on his smartphone – a questionnaire in which he notes his impressions of the pain he felt, information about his re-feeding, etc. Telemonitoring is planned for a period of 15 days.

Under this pilot project, the patient does not have to pay anything. It is the insurer Ethias that finances the experience through its partnership with Masana Applications.

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