Kristen Stewart: The Perfect Change in Princess Diana

New photos from the set
Kristen Stewart looks like Princess Diana

Kirsten Stewart

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Blazer fits, hairstyle fits, look anyway: Kristen Stewart is living up to her role as Princess Liana.

30-year-old Kristen Stewart takes another step to break away from her “Twilight” past. In 44-year-old cinema production “Spencer” by director Pablo Laren, she becomes Princess Diana (1961–1997). The change the 30-year-old actress made for it is almost unbelievable – this is proved by the photos that keep popping from the set.

The first photo of Kristen Stewart in her new role was made public by the American production and distribution company Neon, which was also responsible for the release of the films “I, Tony” and “Parasite”. Stewart can be seen in a black bow tie blouse and red jacket. She wears a black hat with a veil on her head, which she molds in characteristic Diana fashion. The actress’s otherwise cheeky hair now frames her face in a beautiful hair dryer wave.

New photos of the “Spencer” set have surfaced

And this is not the only impression that gives us a portent of “Spencer”. Other recordings available to TMZ show Steven in a more iconic Diana look. Red check blazer, black skirt, sheer tights, plus perfect hair-dryer – Kristen Stewart is completely absorbed in her new role and matches the famous model perfectly.

“Spencer” highlights important turning points in Diana’s life

“Spencer” will be shot in both Great Britain and Germany. Commenting on her role, Stewart said: “Spencer ‘is an immersion in the emotional perception that Diana was at a critical juncture in her life.”

The film is said to focus on a typical weekend in the life of 72-year-old Prince Charles, the former wife of Prince Charles. On the same day, it was a Christmas holiday with the royal family at Sandringham Estate, Princess Diana decided to separate from her husband and divorce.

The script was written by “Peaky Blinds” producer Steven Knight, 62. Other artists include Timothy Spall, 63, Sally Hawkins, 44, and Sean Harris, 55, among others. Theatrical release of “Spencer” is planned for Autumn 2021.

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