Kovid: What if Italy missed the next tourist season

For the first tourist competition of the year between Spain, Italy was beaten from 300 to 0.. During the Easter holidays, 300 German charters landed in Ballistics and none landed in the peninsula. The spectacle started because of the fear of Transalpine Tourism Professionals.

While tourism typically represents 200 billion euros in business, or 13% of GDP, and half of it depends on foreign customers, the end of the epidemic tunnel in Italy does not see light. In severe imprisonment – a ban on leaving municipalities, bars and closed restaurants -, it imposes a 5-day quarantine on EU travelers, a 14-day ban on people in the United States and the United Kingdom. When Madrid and Athens, its two main rivals, look kindly to tourists, hold on to Rome, its border is fixed on the curves of the treaty, its borders closed. An Italian manager of multinational tour operator EF explains, “Everything will be over in the coming weeks, now customers are booking summer.” Come to italy We got hundreds of thousands of requests

Information from all over the world. But customers are not making a commitment. ”

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Zanzibar instead of Sardinia?

Tourism Minister Massimo Garvaglia himself cut his break. “For all councils of ministers, I ask my colleagues for the date for the country’s reopening. For France, Macron said on 14 July, I expect it to be 2 June (the date of the Italian national holiday) , For Italy. “However, under Mario Draghi’s patronage, the government still favors health security. Free movement will be restored only with the establishment of community health passports. There will be no bilateral agreement with countries such as Israel, United States, Great Britain or Canada ahead of Europe in vaccination. The mayors of Capri and Ischia have proposed launching a “Kovid-free island” project that will involve all their citizens in vaccination to create open tourist bubbles for foreign nationals. In vain The government has banned all exemptions from under-age vaccinations.

Although 85% of the hotels are closed, professionals rely mainly on Italian customers to save the season and it becomes difficult to rent by the sea. However without neglecting foreign “last minute” customers. “Last year, we reopened on 2 May and came to the foreign peninsula, explains Minister Garvagasia. Tourism will be one of the activities whose recovery will be exponential, I count in the second half of summer.”

The Italian charter company Blue Panorama has nonetheless transferred its planes to Poland from where it will be able to provide flights to Zanzibar and the Maldives. Kovid-free destinations that will be more popular this summer than Sicily or Sardinia.

Dominic Dunglas from our correspondent in Rome

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