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London, December 24, 2021 – The covid continues its run in the worldMILF loud fuel of new Variant Omron, among many results of high numbers fingering Those traveling by plane are at risk of paralysis. more than two thousand flights he was deleted all over the world it Christmas Eve, was informed on Guardian, citing data provided by the FlightAware website. This is due to the numerous absences of airline personnel who have died from the infection.

United Airlines I Delta Airlines He announced that he would have to cancel Dozens of Flights to the United States Today, December 24th, due to a shortage of pilots and hostesses: 120 flights were abandoned by United, 90 by Delta.

United Kingdom: 122 thousand new positives

Coming to Bulletin: in Europe new records of fingering, WhereasItaly Yesterday it crossed 44 thousand new cases in 24, United Kingdom Today it has reached the height 122ml (122.186). This is the highest figure recorded for the third consecutive day since the start of the pandemic. i am instead 137 People deceased For complications in the last 24 hours. 1.7 million people turned out in the UK last week Positive Ali COVID-19 In the UK, practically every 35. one of, The frequency of infection is particularly high in a London, where newly infected One his 20.

France towards the Super Green Pass

Even in France, there have never been so many infections as recorded in the last 24 hours. 94,124 new positives (Already beat yesterday’s record of 92 thousand). The rise of the pandemic curve in recent days has prompted the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, to convene next Monday, December 27. health care council, After which there will be an extraordinary Council of Ministers. Government to examine bill to convert health pass into vaccination pass super green pass Italian.

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Today the Higher Health Authority (IS) recommended reduce to three months Interval between primary vaccination course and booster, Additionally, their latest opinion, recommended a third dose to adolescents aged 12 to 17 years who suffer from immunodeficiency or comorbidities.

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