Kovid, the English version, arrived in Fimicino, the first 160 Italians to return from Great Britain

A cup of hot coffee, a piece of pandoro and, above all, a quick tampon await them in Fimicino. English version of Kovid: They returned to Rome by flight AlitaliaOn December 24, Leonardo landed on Da Vinci da just after 3 p.m. Londra heathrowThe first 160 Italians, plus a newborn. All residents in Italy or under necessary or critical circumstances, as requiredcount Signed by Ministers De Mao, Spernza and De Michli. After the blocking of flights decided by the majority of European countries to limit contagion with the new version, passengers were able to leave Great Britain after sweeping before departure. Those who landed yesterday had a lot of feelings for those who feared they would have to spend Christmas away from home – 10,000 of our compatriots would still be blocked in London – but a lot more anger towards Farensina “which left us alone left”.

Kovid, returned from Great Britain: Italy requires tampons and quarantine, only for those in residence

Swab and quarantine required

As soon as they arrived, the 160 were subjected to a new mandatory swab for all, performed by Uscar’s health staff at 12 rapid test facilities, already operating in Leonardo da Vinci, with support from the Lazio Region and Aeroproti was founded by Di Roma and complies with the 14-day quarantine period. Guaranteed assistance to travelers, helping them travel to other cities or provide food. In fact, landed in 160, almost two-thirds were then transferred for flights to Lamezia Terme, Naples and Milan.

However, “Leonardo da Vinci” is the only airport in Italy to be able to allow the repatriation of the supposedly occupied Italians, who explicitly requested to be able to return, performing the swab in real time. Was establishing suitable areas to do. . Since September Aeroporti di Roma has implemented Atlétia with Delta’s Italian code share partner, Covid-tested intra-Italy flights and Fimicino airport trials have gained a maximum of 5 stars in their health protocols from Skytrax. Anti-Covid.

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As noted, no dispute on behalf of the Italian people who came to Fimicino. Filippo, a researcher who lives in Cambridge, alleges: «We were abandoned by those who, on a political level, had to protect us. I understand the need for a ban because the epidemic in Great Britain is handled shamefully, but I know that our compatriots in London, were left at the airport for days. We did not have to wait for 48 hours to sign the order to return.

Filippo’s flight was canceled last December 22. “And it worked well with me because I have a house. I saw scathing scenes at Heathrow Airport with people, children of mothers, who had to sleep there for 48 hours. I personally waited at Heathrow for an hour and a half to swab in the open line. They gave us a very late result, minutes before the plane left for Italy ».

On the other hand, Camila Alcini says that “she had a terrible attack at Heathrow this morning, because my test results did not arrive at London Airport and I had to leave”. The student had a ticket for the 20th. He also points out deficiencies on behalf of the Italian authorities. «I did not get any indication until yesterday, Wednesday 23rd. In the last three days, we have gathered on Facebook and we have formed a group to exchange information from below, which had to come from above. An experience should not be repeated from both a psychological and economic point of view ».

Lucrezia, who lives in London, worked as a waitress in a restaurant closed due to the epidemic, which speaks of an odyssey. I spent five days at the airport and one canceled flight every day, with all the money I had to spend. They told me that I was to leave on the 27th, but instead I was lucky to have Christmas at home ».

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After this, the story of Ischia’s chef Pepe Romano, who works in Great Britain, is real. “Being stranded in London, I had to leave on the 22nd, now it is a joke to not take the train back to Naples, because I have to be in quarantine for 14 days. Now I have to look for a taxi because I do not have the strength to drive a car ». He also recalls the «terror scene at London airport, crying of boys, children sleeping on the floor with mothers. At the time of check-in, if you have arrived 10 minutes after the last 72 hours in which you swabbed, they will block you ».

The destination

Uscar doctors immediately began swabbing passengers who had already tested before leaving London. After the investigation is completed, approximately two-thirds of the 180 passengers will leave from Milan, Naples and Lamezia Turme to reach their homes. . The rest will stay in Rome. All must undergo a 14-day quarantine period. Alitalia will guarantee flight till 6 January Days for the return of our compatriots blocked in days, especially in the United Kingdom.

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