Kovid test: Now available for screen kits for variants

New tests for new variants. From 23 January, specific kits are available to identify variants. Used to analyze positive RT-PCR tests, they are capable of detection “One or more variants known to date and at least VOC 202012/0 edition”, As indicated by DGS in a press release.

According to information from Francinfo, the French laboratory behind the development of these tests is Eurofins Biomnis. Therefore positive PCR tests are sent to the laboratory at वvry-sur-Seine in Valle de Marne. Their analysis capability can go up to 50,000 daily tests.

A note from DGS invites doctors, nurses, pharmacists, midwives and laboratory technicians to systematically send positive tests to this laboratory for a second analysis. The goal: to systematically identify variants roaming the region.

However, this double reading does not concern antigenic tests. For people considering risk, such as those returning from a trip or for example living in a cluster, it is recommended to do a second test.

Samples of those who come from abroad can be seen first.

DGS reminds us of the importance of rapid and extended contact-tracing on this occasion. Obviously, the starting point for isolation is positive testing and not screening for variance.

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