Kovid: Russia, United Kingdom, Germany… These European countries where the epidemic is starting again

By Manon C., Carolyn J. Updated on November 9, 2021 at 11:51 am. Posted on November 9, 2021 at 11:51 am.

While the number of new Covid infections is increasing slightly in France, the coronavirus pandemic is on the rise again in several European countries such as Russia, the Czech Republic and Poland. Here is an overview of countries that are facing ups and downs in the Covid-19 pandemic this fall.

a significant increase in the number of new cases of covid-19 in many European Countries Worry. whereas Symbolic bar of 5 million deaths from Kovid worldwide Last passed on 1 November, nearly two years after the virus was discovered in China,pandemic is on the rise For sixth consecutive week in many European Countries,

“The total number of Covid-19 cases and deaths rising for the first time in two months is due to the current increase in the epidemic in Europe, which exceeds the decline seen in other regions of the world” said about it Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of WHO, at the organization’s latest press conference. During his press briefing on 27 October, Gabriel Atala a” was also confirmedThe resumption of the epidemic in Europe, in the East and everywhere in the United Kingdom. , Fact, L’Europe is currently single zone where the world Covid is on the rise.

In detail, the WHO outlined in its final report, a Epidemic recovery in Russia, Turkey, Romania and the United Kingdom, NS Russia particularly affected by new wave. On 28 October, new restrictions (schools and restaurants closed) were announced in the city. moscow, While health officials have opened temporary hospital With over 600 beds equipped with oxygen and about twenty resuscitation units. An average of more than 1,000 people have died every day since October 20, according to official Russian figures, while 39,400 new cases have been reported. a undervalued balance sheet In a country where only 34% of the population is vaccinated, according to health officials.

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The surrounding situation is also worrying. this is especially the case czech republic where we see an increase of about 120% in daily cases in a week, but also in Hungary (+103%) and en Belgium (+75%).

NS Countries of Eastern and Central Europe Particularly affected by this new wave. Like this Bulgaria Recorded, at the end of October, a record number of daily infections with more than 6,800 new cases for 6 million residents. In Poland, the situation is the same, while Romania, ns health system cracks Faced resurgence of COVID cases: Due to paucity of places in hospital services, doctors provide oxygen to patients directly inside their car.

Other countries have announced new restrictive measures such as Austria Where now PCR test is not enough to go to a restaurant l’Ukraine Where now officials and non-vaccination teachers have been suspended. ,The Baltic countries and Central Europe are facing a huge epidemic, for them this is the most significant wave since the beginning of the epidemic.“, the epidemiologist admitted Antoine Flahault In the column of Oust-France on 21 October.

If France, Switzerland, Italy or even Spain seem to be spared for the moment from the rebound of this pandemic, unfortunately it is not. UK, which identifies 29,800 new cases. Professor Jonathan Van Tam, one of the advisers to the British Government, said in this regard: “The rates are still very high, they are higher than most countries in Europe, and it’s going to be very hot. Many people believe this pandemic is behind us. That’s not my opinion. Someone’s going to have a tough time.” Winter should be expected, it is far from over.”

same story Germany who records record incidence rate With 15,500 new cases and where new restrictions are now in place, but only for unvaccinated people. The alarming figures that prompted the World Health Organization to ring the bell explaining the fear 500,000 additional deaths in Europe by February 2022 If the speed doesn’t slow down.

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so how do you explain it rise of covid pandemic In some European countries? According to PR Antoine Flahault,low vaccination rates can explain the incident.Although there is no shortage of vaccine in most of these countries.s” he explained in Ouest-France.

As indicated by the LCI, vaccination coverage is actually less important in countries most affected by this pandemic. In Poland, they are only 53% who have received at least one dose of vaccine against COVID-19. They are 61% in . Huh Hungary and 57% en czech republic,

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