Kovid: “One way” is still possible to avoid re-control, says Atal

On a high plateau, even if it appears to decline for a week, “government spokeswoman Gabriel Attal said Wednesday in view of the development of the Kovid-19 epidemic,” is a way to avoid re-containment.

“We must be extremely vigilant, the situation remains fragile”, he emphasized during the Council of Ministers report, while “the epidemic situation has changed very little for two weeks”.

But a 2% drop in virus incidence over a week, according to them, is “a way of avoiding re-control”. “It is not elaborate, but it exists and we would do everything possible to achieve it would be wrong”, Mr Attal said, welcoming “the extraordinary responsibility of the French” and reiterating that the re-determination ” l ‘should be the last resort “.

Health Minister Olivier Wren on Tuesday speculated that “it is clearly possible and desirable that no one be redefined”.

“It is unfortunately going to be very soon pleasing”, continued Mr. Attall, and “we must continue to hold together”, still “significant” given the level of contamination (about 20,000 cases detected per day) Run), development of variants, and a “just-in-time” vaccination campaign.

He also noted “territorial disparities”, “a significant decline in the occurrence of” recording “viruses in about fifty departments,” about thirty “where it is” stable “and” a little over twenty “, where it is steadily increasing. . “.

He reiterated the government’s call for “remobilization” around telework, indicating that the Labor Inspectorate had “interfered with about 2,800 companies”.

RATP traffic has recorded a “very slight” decline at first, and the share of civil servants has increased by “three points” compared to the previous week.

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The government spokesman also drew a preliminary assessment of the closure and tightening of control of French borders: “More than 1,000 people have been the subject of a non-entry measure on the national territory, including about 200 immediate re-enactments,” and “1,444 people were unable to leave the area” due to lack of a suitable compelling reason.

As a result, “a very significant drop” in passenger flows was recorded, for example 70% fewer departures to foreign territories, 40% less to countries outside the European Union, 85% to the Dominican Republic, or Tunisia. 80%.

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