Kovid Great Britain: More than 58 thousand infections. Concern spread (rapidly) Omicron version

london – The United Kingdom has a record daily infection from Covid Since last January: they are registered 58,194 new cases and another 120 deaths, According to the latest official figures from the health authorities. Yesterday there were 50,867 infections and 148 deaths. omicron type infection, 448 new cases in last 24 hours, 1,265 overall across the country. The daily increase yesterday was 249 new infections: this confirms the high speed of spread of the variant that worries British scientists. In recent days, the health minister was the same Sajid Javido Reporting to the House of Commons, he explained that there is “community transmission” of the Omicron version of the coronavirus in Great Britain, which has, among other things, a “shorter incubation period than Delta”. What is certain, he said, is that Omron Edition cases in the UK are not available for all international travel. “This is a global fight and we are playing a major role,” he said.

Catalyzing this response from Downing Street is the Omicron version, which has been around for weeks and already has 1265 confirmed cases in the UK, mainly England, However, the actual number may be much higher than this. The alarm comes from data collected in recent weeks, confirming a Greater speed in the spread of the virus. The infection rate would indeed appear to have doubled, with Omicron’s presence in the UK rapidly rising from 0.15% of total cases at the end of November to 5.5% in the first week of December.

In the meantime, he entered today ‘Plan B’ in effect Which essentially includes three prevention measures: 1. La Mask mandatory again in public places As a means of transportation, shops, hairdresser, cinema, theater and place of worship. Instead, it put lives at individual discretion in the gym, where “not practical”, bars and restaurants, which continue to operate at full capacity. 2, Smart-working where possible starting from 13th December. The British government encourages citizens to work from home when given the opportunity. 3. NHS Covid pass or negative quick test to reach certain events. The use of the English version of the Green Pass becomes mandatory for access to indoor events with no more than 500 people, for events with no more than 4000 people or for events altogether with 10,000 participants. The pass, also required for discos, can be downloaded on the NHS app (English Health Service) for people who have received both doses of the vaccine or have recovered from COVID in the past six months. Alternatively, a negative accelerated test may be presented to access key events.

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