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The number of coronavirus cases in China hit a seven-month high on Tuesday, August 10, after a cluster at a testing center pushed up the numbers amid a delta variant outbreak.

State media have described the current outbreak – resulting in local lockdowns, mass testing and travel restrictions – as the most severe since the outbreak of Covid-19 in the city of Wuhan (centre) in late 2019.

Officials had reduced household pollution numbers to nearly zero, allowing the economy to rebound despite severe border restrictions. But today the cases are increasing. On Tuesday, health officials identified 143 new infections, 108 of which come from local contamination. Dozens of cases come from an anti-COVID testing center in Yangzhou (East) city.

1.6 million samples taken

As a sign of concern over these relatively small outbreaks, several senior officials have received warnings about their mismanagement of large-scale testing, which city officials say allowed the virus to spread. “Some party members and workers have not yet performed their duty properly.», according to Yangzhou officials.

So far, the city of 4.6 million people has conducted five rounds of mass testing, taking 1.6 million samples, in an effort to prevent a resurgence of the pandemic. The recent spike in contamination began when housekeeping workers at nearby Nanjing airport fell ill, prompting several cases nationwide.

Tuesday’s figures are the highest since January, when the country reported 144 new cases and 126 household contamination mainly in the north. Officials are now trying to restore confidence that this recent resurgence is controllable. “We have successfully overcome the epidemic in Canton, and the Nanking epidemic is slowly coming under control.“The official China New Agency quoted infectious disease expert Zhang Wenhong as saying.

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