Kovid, Britain’s solution to the epidemic? the figure

Kovid keeps running and revealing in his country even with his full strength, who wants to run for cover and Avoid a dreaded third wave. In these days the government is trying to tighten the restrictions further by coordinating with the Technical Scientific Committee, which asks to follow the path of prudence.

In fact, a possible solution to the epidemic may be Uk model, Which is now beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel after weeks of the virus looking to get out of control. Here the figures of the Office of National Statistics are called.

Kovid is the solution to the UK model epidemic?

All over the uk The situation seems to improve as much as possible Thanks to Locked and a massive vaccination campaign against Kovid-19 which is producing the desired results. In fact, in England and Wales, according to data provided by the latest report from the Office for National Statistics 79% of deaths due to coronavirus More than 80 compared to the previous 5 weeks.

During the week of 26 February, there were only 1,118 deaths, compared to a record 5,326 in the period between 15 and 22 January. According to experts, this will be Result of vaccination, Which makes it possible to combat both infections and forms of critical illness, among which Lockdown Imposed by the government, which made it possible to limit the spread of the virus.

Currently the UK has administered more than the first dose. 22 million people, While those who receive the second dose also One and a half million. Kevin McConway, professor of applied statistics at the Open University, believes the number of deaths “Decreasing rapidly”, although “What was the contribution of the vaccination campaign, it is still impossible to determine with certainty, but certainly its The effect was very significant.

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UK sanctions issued

Although the situation is getting better day by day, the United Kingdom, which matters more than this 125,000 deaths from epidemic onset He is not yet ready to say goodbye to the restrictions.

Although the state of death has declined in recent times, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s chief scientific advisor, Professor Patrick Valence, argues that the time has not yet come. Let your guard down, As the situation may deteriorate very quickly and suddenly, continue to suggest a path of prudence and caution:

“Everything points in the right direction, but I don’t think anyone can say for sure that the nightmare is over. Certainly We are not out of danger right now“.

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