Kovid and reopening in the UK: a concert in Liverpool without a mask or distancing

Britain tries to return to normal after months of restrictions related to coronovirus. After pubs, restaurants and shops, it is now up to the live event. Liverpool will lead the city: An open-air concert is scheduled on 2 May without any fa├žade and social distance obligation.

Concert in Liverpool on 2 May

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Plans to reopen Italy, cinema, theater, music and museums

One of the performing artists is a British indie rock band. The show will be held at Sefton Park: when fully operational it can seat 7,500 people, but capacity will be limited to 5 thousand for the occasion. To enter, participants must present a negative coronovirus test and be tested rapidly at both entry and exit. The concert is a part of the pilot projects the British government is conducting to study the feasibility of resuming major programs to prepare for the next stages of reopening. Culture Minister Oliver Dowden pointed out that a successful outcome of this experiment could hasten the return of live music to the UK.

Precedent in barcelona

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Experiment in Barcelona: Live concert with 5,000 people. Photo

Such an experiment – but has been done indoors in Barcelona in recent weeks. In late March, the Catalan band Love of Lesbian played in front of 5 thousand people in Palau de Sant Jordi: the participants were subjected to an antigen test before the concert. During the live, the public was not required to keep distance, but everyone was obliged to wear the Ffp2 mask. Organizers reported that the pilot initiative was designed to establish “a new protocol to capture events in the current context”.

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