Kovid, 90 thousand in United Kingdom, 254 thousand in America. Biden: Vaccination is essential

British authorities recorded 90,629 daily infections, largely driven by the spread of the Omicron variant. In parallel, the internal immunization campaign is progressing rapidly, with vaccine doses being set at a target set by the Johnson government, which is one million a day. Meanwhile, the US has recorded a new peak of cases: the most dramatic is in New York. US President: It is a patriotic duty to get vaccinated. Don’t panic for Omicron, it’s not like March 2020

New cases of Kovid-19 in the United Kingdom are stable, about 90 thousand in the last 24 hours. In fact, 90,629 daily infections were recorded by British authorities, largely driven by the spread of the new Omicron variant in the country, nearly a thousand fewer than yesterday and nearly 1.5 million tests conducted. According to official figures, however, the number of deaths is on the rise, reaching 172, though given the general statistical recovery of a portion of the figures for the just-concluded weekend. On the other hand, the number of civilians hospitalized is decreasing and in parallel, internal vaccination campaigns continue. The dose of the vaccinated COVID vaccine is fixed at the target set by the Johnson government, which is one million per day, with another 900 thousand third booster doses, the total of which now accounts for 52% of the entire population over 12.

Tough situation in America too, 254 thousand new cases In the evening, President of the United States Joe Biden in his message to Americans warned: “Vaccination is a patriotic duty. Those who have been vaccinated and have had boosters have been given a year. The parties to the end of the day should not disturb their plans, while those who need to worry are unconcerned”. The head of the White House then said: “We should be concerned about the Omicron version, but don’t panic: it’s not like March 2020”.

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Covid USA: 254,000 new cases, peak since September


Kovid in Italy and the world, news of 21 December 2021

Therefore, US data worries health officials. Looking at Monday itself, about 254,000 new cases of Kovid-19 were reported. This is the peak of infection since September, as well as an indication of how the Omicron variant is spreading rapidly in the country. According to data provided by the Bloomberg agency, there has been an average of 17% increase in cases in the last seven days. However, taking into account only New York City, the highest rate of new cases of covid was recorded in the entire country: infections are increasing rapidly and they have increased by 640% in the last month, according to data from the centers have been reported. Disease control and prevention.

Gb Expert: “Omicron Runs With Dizziness”, But Bozo Waits For The Squeeze


Covid in 2021, from the launch of vaccines to the unknown Omicron

Returning to the United Kingdom, the widespread spread of mutations to the Sars-Cov-2 virus, meanwhile, is causing many confusion and criticism from some British scientists and doctors. The topic pertains to the decision taken yesterday by the Johnson government, which wants to wait for more clarity on health data before deciding on possible action on anti-Covid restrictions. Premiere signs currently point to a possible postponement of the squeeze until shortly after Christmas. The current data are not, in fact, to justify new restrictions in the United Kingdom before 25 December, but the government “cannot rule out any further measures after Christmas”, Johnson himself clarified. However, some super experts, such as epidemiologist Paul Hunter, have expressed fears that it may be too late to wait for the consolidation of infections, even if only to slow the wave of hospitalizations that have closed hospitals. could do, especially if measures were adopted. Only on New Year’s Eve. Professor Jeremy Farrar, infectious disease expert and former adviser to the same government on pandemics, underscored the new edition’s “shocking transmission potential”. For this reason, the executive should make a decision to tighten within “24-36 hours”, especially if the trend has lasted a few days, that is, with a steady increase in the transition from Omicron.

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Omicron, UK allocate £1bn for recovery

However, in these hours, the British government has decided to make available a new allocation of public funds, equivalent to an additional billion pounds, in terms of economic aid to the country affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced this today. These are funds that will be specifically earmarked for sectors such as the hotel, catering, travel and tourism sectors, particularly those affected by earlier restrictions and potentially new measures put in place by the Omicron variant fueled by increased transitions. from the government soon.

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