Kovid-19: WHO chief urges Tanzania to protect its population

#Other Countries : The Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) on Sunday called on Tanzania to take measures to protect its own citizens from the Kovid-19 epidemic, but also the population of countries in Tanzania.

Tedrosan Ghanomebius said, “Tanzanians traveling to many neighboring countries and beyond have tested positive for Kovid-19. This allows Tanzania to take stringent measures to protect its population and the populations of these countries and elsewhere needed.” Statement.

The WHO chief, in his statement, expressed his condolences in Tanzania after the deaths of two senior public officials during the week, including the first vice-president of the semi-autonomous archipelago of Zanzibar Saif Sharif Hamad.

Since the onset of the epidemic, Tanzanian President John Magufuli has continued to reduce the risk of coronovirus. The country released official data on coronovirus infection in April 2020 (officially 509 cases).

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In recent weeks, however, Tanzania has been affected by a wave of deaths from those officially responsible for pneumonia.

The head of the WHO indicates that in January, he had already called on Tanzanian officials to take public health measures against Kovid-19, to prepare for vaccination and to share data on the epidemic.

“Since then, I have spoken to a number of officials in Tanzania, but the WHO is still awaiting information about the measures by Tanzania to respond to the epidemic,” he said.

“The situation remains very worrisome. I renewed my appeal for Tanzania to start reporting Kovid-19 cases and share the figures. I also call for the implementation of public health measures in Tanzania that will help with transmission.” Help break chains and prepare for vaccination. ”Said Tedros.

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The WHO has been appealed to Tanzania by some specific individuals and pressure groups who are sometimes at risk of being harassed by the authorities.

On Saturday, the Tanzania Law Society (TLS) became the first professional body to openly acknowledge the presence of the virus and take appropriate action on behalf of the government.

A day earlier, speaking at the funeral of the head of the civil service, President Magufuli mentioned Kovid-19 without explicitly designating it.

“When this respiratory disease first surfaced last year, we won because we put God first and took other measures. I’m sure if we do the same we will win again.”

“We will not commit any kind of crime”, he said: “Let us continue to put God first and take precautions”.

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