Kovid-19: Vaccination rate till September 27

Vaccination data for 20 September was only available from Friday 24 September, following an incident in the Public Health France database, which explains the delay in the publication of these graphs.

The vaccination campaign against COVID-19 in France began on 26 December 2020. To get a clear idea of ​​its progress in each area, science and the future Publishes the percentage of people vaccinated each week (calculated from population 1 of each region according to vaccination data communicated by Public Health France and INSEE population estimates)Is January 2020).

As of Monday, September 20, the vaccination campaign continues at a very slow pace, with the exception of Mayotte, where the first dose has been rapidly increased this week, in response to the sharp increase in hospital occupancy seen in recent weeks.

71% of French people are fully vaccinated

Vaccination rates for the second dose are slowing down except in overseas territories, especially Guadeloupe and Mayotte. According to Public Health France, a total of 49,941,952 people have already received their first dose of a vaccine (74.5 % of the population) and 47,672,063 have already been fully vaccinated (71.1%).

graphic 1. Area wise vaccination rate against Kovid-19 (dose), expressed as the percentage of people in each region who received at least one dose of the vaccine. Click to view larger. Credits: Nicolas Gutierrez c.

graphic 2. Area wise vaccination rate against Kovid-19 (complete vaccination), expressed as the percentage of residents of each area receiving two Dosages D’one of Vaccines (Or a single dose of Johnson & Johnson). Click to view larger. Credits: Nicolas Gutierrez c.

People affected by vaccination are:

– All people over the age of 12.

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Vaccination is recommended for pregnant women from the first trimester of pregnancy.

Vaccination is not recommended for adolescents who have developed Pediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (PIMS) following infection with COVID-19.

– A booster campaign has been established to stimulate the immune systems of the most vulnerable who received a second dose more than 6 months earlier (reducing duration to 4 weeks for a single dose of Janssen vaccine). People affected by this recall are:
– Residents of EHPAD and USLD,
– people aged 65 and over living at home,
– people with comorbidity(s),
– people with severe high-risk pathology,
– People who have been vaccinated with Janssen vaccine.

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