Kovid-19 / Saudi Arabia: Compulsory vaccination for entry in some locations

The Saudi government said on Tuesday that vaccination against Kovid-19 would be mandatory in Saudi Arabia from August 1 to enter any public or private place, as well as to use public transport.

The announcement aimed to strengthen immunization in the state comes after the decision to allow only vaccinated employees in the public or private sector to return to their workplace.

In a statement issued by the Saudi official agency, the Ministry of the Interior stated, “Vaccination will be required to enter any private or government space, as well as access to any place of demonstration or sports activity.” Press

He said that it would also be mandatory to enter places for education or to use public transport.

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health said it gave about 12 million doses of the vaccine to a country of more than 34 million people.

More than a year after the ban on all travel outside the state, the government on Monday authorized Kovid-19 immunized Saudi nationals to travel abroad.

Individuals who have received two doses of the vaccine, who have received one dose at least 14 days before the planned visit and all who have recovered after being infected within the last six months, are considered immune.

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