Kovid-19, Sarcophagi & Bats: Science News

Science News of January 18, 2021 is:

Healthy: Kovid-19: Is the 6 o’clock curfew enough?

  • The whole of France is under curfew from 6 pm.
  • This curfew seems to have shown its effect, but not completely.
  • Science and future Analyzes changes regarding infection rates and their measures.

In Archeology: Egypt: “major” archaeological discoveries in Sakkara.

  • Egyptian authorities have announced the discovery of new archaeological treasures south of Cairo.
  • These include more than 50 sarcophagi, funeral statues, funeral masks, games and many pottery.
  • This date is more than 2,500 years old.

In Biodiversity: Researchers have discovered a new species of bat that is almost completely orange.

  • A new species of orange bat has been described for the first time.
  • This species was discovered in caves in Guinea.
  • This bat is seriously troubled.

In Pollution: Stokemin Site: The government decides to permanently limit the remaining hazardous waste.

  • Hazardous industrial waste buried in the Stocamine site (Haut-Rhin) will remain there permanently.
  • The decision was announced on 18 January 2021 by Ecological Transition Minister Barbara Pompili.
  • The minister announced that this decision was taken to protect workers from significant risks without the potential benefits.

On the Web: Donald Trump and Online Disruption Without Twitter Falling.

  • The suspension of Donald Trump’s Twitter and Facebook accounts led to a 73% drop in online content, citing electoral fraud.
  • These materials increased from 2.5 million to 688,000 in a week.
  • Data that remind of Donald Trump’s power to increase disinfection.

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