Kovid-19: Reopening schools to a complex start to the school year

Primary and nursery schools resume on Monday, promising to be complex, amid ramp-up of tests desired by the government and maintenance of strict health protocols that pose the risk of closure of multiple classes.

After three weeks of closing all schools to fight against the Kovid-19 epidemic, the government has decided to maintain its program: return to school this Monday for school children, while middle school and high school students Continued itself until the date of 3 May. On which they would often be able to return to their installations in half-gauge.

22 April 2021 (POOL / AFP – Ludovic MARIN) Prime Minister Jean Castex during a press conference on the strategy to fight against the spread of Kovid-19

Objective: Organizing ten weeks until the end of the school year, the epidemic dynamics deteriorate without this recurrence, which remains at a high level. For ten days, the number of patients in intensive care has been close to 6,000, higher than the second wave in the fall.

“Necessary to bring children back to school”, inscribed on the LCI on Sunday, Jean-Michel Blanchere, Minister of National Education, believing that the institution “is not itself responsible for the” epidemic “and it is the schools.” Where we respect hurdle gestures far more.

He should go to a school in Melun with President Emanuel Macron on Monday morning, a return marked by this strict health protocol, a source of uncertainty for parents, from one of Kovid’s previously confirmed cases among his students Provides closure of class. .

“It is indeed very strict protocol that will inevitably lead to a negligible number of class closings”, admitted Mr. Blank on Sunday, who “would have preferred a smaller minority of closed classes than all closed schools” Huh.”

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With this protocol before the holidays, 11,272 classes had to be closed between March 29 and April 2, three times more than the previous week.

– Autotest and Immunization –

Despite criticism from part of the medical profession and fear from some teachers, the executive consistently defends his purpose of keeping schools open to avoid “educational aerial holes”.

According to UNESCO, France was the European country that closed its schools between March 2020 and March 2021 with at least 10 weeks of closure, while there were 28 in Germany and 47 in the United States.

Following computer bugs that slowed down distance education platforms just before the holidays, Mr Blank assured Sunday that the connection “should not have a problem” for the start of the school year.

This recovery is based on the issue of acute vaccine: for ten days, only teachers over 55 years have reserved slots in vaccination centers. In an effort to calm AstraZeneca’s mistrust, Mr Blenker received his first dose of the British vaccine on Saturday and encouraged priority personnel to “now vaccinate”.

With the return of sunny days, the government is also encouraging the outer classes.

The organization of the canteen, where children eat without masks and which Mr. Blancane identifies as the “weak link” of establishments, promises to be complex.

Above all, the reason for this revival is to increase the ability of tests for children and teachers.

In kindergarten and elementary schools, 400,000 saliva tests should be deployed by the beginning of the school year, with a target of 600,000 per week by mid-May.

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But the novelty lies primarily in the advent of self-tests: the government has ordered 64 million for students over 15 years old, teachers of national education and other employees.

Adults should take this simple nasal inflammation twice a week at home, the result of which is known in fifteen minutes.

From May 10, high school students will be subjected to it every week at their establishment, which already worries some teachers, who do not feel competent to oversee the operation.

“It’s normal that there are questions,” tempered Mr. Blenker. However, he sees in these tests, which may soon be extended to college students, “considerable progress”.

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