Kovid-19: Reinforced measures extended across France from Saturday evening

French President Emmanuel Macron announced the expansion into the entire metropolitan area on Wednesday evening, starting Saturday evening and for four weeks, implementing “reinforced breaking” measures, already in 19 departments to fight against Kovid.

He said, “The increase in the rules applicable in 19 departments will be extended in the entire metropolitan area from Saturday evening and for four weeks. Today no metropolitan area is spared. Everybody should be careful not to shut themselves down, but keep contacts and meetings as limited as possible, ”the head of state said in a television address, while the country is recording a worrying increase in Kovid-19 pollution and intensive care admissions. .

At the same time, Emanuel Macron indicated that schools would be closed across the country for four or three weeks, depending on level, from this Friday, saying that the following week would be remote for all students, until kindergarten high school.

The next two weeks are holiday weeks for the three areas, while the fourth week will mark the beginning of the school year on April 26 for kindergarten and distance for elementary and middle and high school students.

The latter will be able to return in person on May 3, he explained, noting that students, for their part, will continue to attend university for one day of classes per week.

The head of state also indicated that telecommunications would be streamlined and so-called non-essential businesses in the metropolitan area would be shut down, while interstate travel would be banned from 5 April.

He also indicated that traveling beyond 10 km from home would require an exceptional travel certificate during the day only.

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Mr Macron announced the reopening from mid-May of some places of culture and terraces “under”.

On the vaccination front, he said it would be extended to more than 60 people on 16 April, then noted on May 15 to all over 50 that people under 50 were in mid-June and “the end of summer.” Till, all French people over 18 who want to be able to vaccinate ”.

Emmanuel Macron called his fellow citizens civil-minded and rallied in the face of Kovid-19, warning that the country had entered a “speed race”, on one hand the deployment of vaccinations that required us to get out Allows to anticipate the crisis and, on the other hand, a new form of the virus has spread throughout Europe.

The head of state also announced additional reinforcements in intensive care, noting that the number of beds had already increased to 7,000 and that “we want to increase our capacity to only 10,000 beds in the coming days”.

Prime Minister Jean Castex will intervene in Parliament on Thursday where he will make a statement followed by a debate and a vote in the National Assembly and Senate.

Their intervention should focus on new measures announced by Emanuel Macron, while more than 5,000 patients severely affected by Kovid-19 are “in critical care”.

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