Kovid-19: Private hospitals can increase their revitalization capacity

“The private sector is there and the private sector can help”, reassuring the Federation of Private Hospitals (FHP) on Sunday, specifying that “if there was going to be another acceleration of the Kovid-19 epidemic”, the area “Can upgrade” its revitalization services to have more beds “.

FHP President AFP Lamin Gharbi was quoted as saying, “We are between 1,500 and 2,000 intensive care beds dedicated to Kovid patients today and we can go up to 4,000”.

In Ile-de-France, for example, is placed under “increased surveillance” and where 791 people were in critical care on Friday, with the private sector 20, up 30%, according to data from the Regional Health Agency (ARS) Can support Hospitalization in the intensive care of patients, ”Mr. Gharbi, specifies that, during the first wave, this percentage had risen to 27%.

“To make room for revitalization and to mobilize staff”, clinics are deprogramming. “It goes from 20% to 50%,” he said.

And if private clinics can support a public hospital by taking Kovid patients into intensive care, they can also do it in medicine, in follow-up care and to relieve non-Kovid surgical patients in the hospital and avoid delays in care For, according to. FHP.

“We can help, but there should also be harmony from all on the ground. It is really important that, under the aegis of regional health agencies, there is cooperation between the public and the private, a regulation”, insists the president of FHP. .

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