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Respiratory Cycle, difficulty achieving full physical capacity, memory loss … Kovid-19’s sequels are many. Several weeks after contracting the disease, thousands of French people still suffer from a number of symptoms, a form known as “long Kovid”.

Most frequent inconveniences

After full recovery COVID-19 Some people may take longer than expected. As evidence, thousands of people France Many weeks after the contraction of the disease will still suffer from symptoms. This long form of Kovid-19 or “Kovid long” Already mentioned by Health Minister Olivier Vernon in February. He guessed then “More than 500,000 potential cases” May be affected. According to a study by journalists Francinfo, Symptoms may persist for months after the onset of the disease, such as difficulty finding the smell or taste and respiratory sequence. The most frequent discomforts reported by patients are headache, fatigue, muscle aches, memory loss or even feeling. “Fog” Cerebrum.

Patient Care

recognition of “Kovid long” Officially based on three criteria. First, the patient continues to experience a symptomatic form of the disease. She also suffers from symptoms that persist for more than four weeks after her onset without further diagnosis. To facilitate the care of these patients, the High Health Authority (HAS) has published ten practical leaflets. These documents include the means to be applied to relieve the sick and attempt to measure the main symptoms. HA also invites “Doctors listen and sympathize with patients suffering from prolonged symptoms, and reassure them about the possibilities of management and the temporary and reversible nature of their condition”..

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Head of state Emmanuel Macron went to Foch Hospital on Thursday, with the first establishment France From June 2020, there is a main route for the care of patients “Kovid long”. On site, the departments of Pulmonology, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation and ENT coordinate to ensure patient adherence. In addition, the government has automatically recognized occupation as an occupational disease only for caregivers with the disease. COVID-19 And suffering from respiratory sequelae.

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