Kovid-19: “Limited efficacy” of AstraZeneca vaccine against South African version

The British vaccine developed by Oxford-AstraZeneca on Sunday is not effective against moderate forms of Kovid-19 associated with the South African version, but may be against severe forms, said University of Oxford researcher Sarah Gilbert on Sunday.

According to a spokesperson for AstraZeneca, quoting the Financial Times on Friday, a study involving 2,000 people showed that the British vaccine had “limited effectiveness against moderate forms of the disease caused by the South African version”.

However, it may be effective against severe forms of the disease, although this study does not yet have sufficient data, which will be published on Monday, to confirm this definitively.

Faced with the South African version, the Oxford / AstraZeneca product “may not reduce the total number of cases, but still protects against death, hospitalization and severe forms of the disease,” BBC Sarah Gilbert said on Sunday , Which is leading vaccine development.

It can also be said to “before” determine whether it is effective against the new strain – increasingly present in Britain – among the elderly, the scientist said.

According to Ms. Gilbert, researchers are currently working to improve the vaccine against new variants. “A version with the South African version sequence works,” she said, with researchers saying that “would be too much” as if it were to be ready for the fall.

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The Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine is “effective against severe forms of disease and hospitals”, the South African version said, the British Secretary of State for Vaccine Nadim Zahavi said on Sky News on Sunday morning.

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To fight against the spread of stress, the government intends, according to the minister, to continue its mass vaccination program “as soon as possible”, as well as to establish “hyper-localized testing” in areas where it has been found .

The country suffers most from the epidemic, with more than 112,000 deaths in Europe, with the United Kingdom counting vaccination to get out of the stricter containment that came in early January to prevent outbreaks of contaminants responsible for more infectious disease Fight against it. The variant that appeared in the south-east of England. More than 11 million people have received their first dose so far.

The AstraZeneca vaccine has been approved by many other countries and the European Union. But some countries prefer to recommend it only for people under 65, lacking sufficient data.

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