Kovid-19: Indian version detected in Switzerland

Kovid-19: Indian version detected in Switzerland


The first case of the Indian version of Kovid-19, responsible for the outbreak of the epidemic in India, has been detected in Switzerland, health officials of this country announced on Saturday.

The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health announced in a tweet, “The first case of the Indian version of the Kovid-19 has appeared in Switzerland.”

He specified that the matter was traced to “a passenger who arrived in Switzerland after passing through a European airport.”

The news comes after an announcement made on Thursday by Belgian authorities of detection in the country of 20 Indian students who tested positive for the variant. This group of youth landed in Paris on 12 April.

The Indian health system is overwhelmed by a new wave of infection in part of the new “double mutants” variant, known as B.1.617.

Several concerned countries have closed their doors to India, temporarily suspending their air links.

Switzerland is currently considering classifying India as a high-risk country and adding it to its “red list”, the country’s health officials said.

People from countries on the Red List should undertake a ten-day quarantine trip when they arrive in Switzerland.

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