Kovid-19 in Brody: “Finally Falling Indicators” Announces Regional Health Agency

Since Friday 30 April, Kovid-19 has killed 54 new patients in Brettie. But the ARS observes a decrease in two indicators: the number of hospitalizations and intensive caregivers has declined since the beginning of the week.

The regional health agency of Brandy said on Tuesday May 4, “The day-to-day, downward trend is finally confirmed for the most epidemic indicator in Brandy.” This gradual decrease is the positiveness of tests and in recent times As seen on recent indicators of activity in the hospital environment “. It reduces, among other things, the number of cases seen in a week: 9,331 people for Kovid-19 in the region during the last week Tested positive.

To date, 1,726 hospitals related to Kovid-19 are in progress (which is 64 fewer in three days) with 362 including intensive care and critical care (-16 in three days), as shown in the following graph.

At the same time, vaccinations continue to increase strongly in Floweria. About 1.6 million people have already received their first injection of the vaccine.

However, the balance sheet is very heavy. Kovid-19 to 117 people have died in the region in a week’s time.

In total, the epidemic has killed 4,236 people in the United Kingdom. The three departments with the most victims are Haute-Geron (758), Gard (591) and Herault (905).

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