Kovid-19: Immunization is accelerating, Pas-de-Calais is limited

Vaccination got a boost on Saturday in France, while Pas-de-Calais is experiencing its first weekend, which according to Public Health France is limited to stem the “still worrisome” Kovid-19 epidemic.

With the spread of viruses and variants, large-scale vaccination operations have been introduced in many areas where the virus is most actively transmitted. This weekend targets people over the age of 75, making them more likely to develop severe forms of the disease. On Saturday, the number of patients in intensive care was stable at 3,689.

“Already at 5.30 pm this Saturday, 220,000 French people have been vaccinated, more than double the previous Saturday. We continue tomorrow!”, Health Olivier Wren tweeted.

In the लेle-de-France region, more than 100 vaccination centers were opened this weekend and more than 50,000 doses were sold.

Ellen Serra, 76, 104, at the Cultural Center, in an almanac center north-east of Paris, congratulates herself for “good organization”. “I had a ten-minute wait and even a little bit!”.

“We are going to vaccinate 2,000 people” in two days, “It was not easy to take up this challenge, that we are asked to raise as many doctors and nurses (…), but I think It works ”, Drs. Serge Smadaja of SOS Doctor.

– Restrictions on alcohol –

To avoid gatherings in Paris, the ban on alcohol consumption was extended to new areas, including the Seine mines, to be evacuated in the afternoon as a large crowd gathered there without gestures from the barrier, which was always respected. Used to be done.

In Haute-Garnon, the goal is to inject 5,000 first doses. At the mobile center set up in Toulouse Ernest-Wallen Stadium, where a dozen people were standing in line, Lawrence states that he is “at risk”. “I was looking forward to this moment. I hope I will return to a normal life.”

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Pas-de-Calais opened new vaccination centers this weekend, for example more than 10,000 doses like lenses.

Four military hospitals in Metz, Toulon, Saint-Mandé (Val-de-Marne) and Villenave-d’Ornon (Gironde) have opened vaccination centers.

Government target: 10 million first injections in mid-April, 20 million in mid-May and 30 million in summer. Currently, fewer than 3.4 million French people have received at least one dose.

As of Thursday, this was the case for 5.1% of the French population. The figures are lower in some of the 21 departments “under increased surveillance”: 2.8% in the Seine-Saint-Denis, 3% in the Seine-et-Marne, 4.1% in the Pas-de-Calis, or even 4 , Rhône in 4%.

The government and the College of Physicians are also concerned about the low rate of vaccination among caregivers, which is 30% so far.

– Stressful situation –

Prime Minister Jean Castex, who went to a short-term vaccination center in Essen in the afternoon, recalled that “the state of health remains worrisome and stressful” but that “we must do everything perfectly (…)” Total “partially avoid-” control

According to Dunkirk and Neese already limited over the weekend, Pas-de-Calas is placed under cover in hopes of stopping the epidemic.

For more than two million people, this means defamatory certificates for any movement and a 5 km and one hour limit around the house.

It is also an added difficulty for businesses in the Pas-de-Calais department who, like everywhere else, were trying to catch Saturday sales that they were not forced to close at 6:00 a.m. during the week. Non-essential ones with 5,000 square meters or more of usable space have also been closed by prefectural decree.

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“I’m a caregiver so I got a chance to get vaccinated very quickly” and despite everything, “I have to wear a mask, I have to be confined”, together with AFPTV Marie-Alice Ferreira. “My message is + vaccine, that we can get out of all this and as soon as possible + because everybody has enough.”

The executive justifies the measure by strong stress on hospital capabilities, which according to the prefect are filled to “90%”, and the prevalence of the English version of the virus, more infectious and detected in more than two-thirds of cases in the department is.

“Health disparities are significant and require local adaptation of epidemic control measures,” Public Health France recalled on Friday, with regions “most affected” by Provence-Alpes-Côte-Dézur, Huts-de-France and Ile de France .

The total number of deaths has increased to 88,444 since the onset of the epidemic.

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