Kovid-19: Germany categorizes India as a high-risk region from 25 April

The judicial minister said on Saturday that Germany would drastically reduce India’s passenger traffic, classified from Sunday 25 April, in a high-risk area due to a new form of coronovirus appearing in this country.

“The new mutation of the virus discovered in India worries us a lot. In order not to jeopardize our vaccination campaign, we should reduce passenger traffic with India”, the minister said in an interview with media group Funk Justified.

From Sunday, only citizens of German nationality will be able to travel from India to Germany, the minister said.

He said that only on the presentation of a negative test conducted shortly before the flight would he be allowed to travel “and would have to quarantine himself for 14 days immediately after his arrival”, Spahn specified.

Note that India on Saturday broke a new record for the daily number of deaths from Kovid-19 as the government tried to provide oxygen to hospitals surrounded by thousands of new cases.

The total number of officially recorded deaths since the onset of the epidemic in this country of 1.3 billion inhabitants is about 190,000.

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