Kovid-19: General imprisonment for seven days from Saturday in Tunisia

The Tunisian government announced new measures on Friday to limit the spread of the virus and curb contamination, including seven days of imprisonment, on the following Saturday.

A general imprisonment of 7 days was scheduled from 9 to 16 May, in consultation with the Scientific Commission to fight against Kovid-19, said Hichame Mechichi, the head of the Tunisian government during a press conference.

“Health establishments are at risk of breakdown, this is a widespread risk (…) our doctors” At the end of his wit, he warned, predicting that the country was going through “the worst health crisis in its history” is.

He emphasized the need to respect health measures and the need to resort to more stringent measures, given the severity of health conditions.

“Kovid-19 is not just a number, it is families that are destroyed, families are lost, resuscitation services involve many members of the same family, many of whom will die.”

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“We are there because one cause or another was not respected and if some do not see the problem of contaminating their close relationships and their parents, then it is my responsibility not to let them do it “, They said.

Mosques, markets and non-essential businesses will be closed and travel between regions of the country will be banned.

For her part, the government spokeswoman, Hasna ben Slyne, indicated that as part of the measures implemented during the period of imprisonment, the curfew would be reduced from 7 pm to 5 am and there would be restrictions between the areas. Except in authorized cases.

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Ceremonies and family or cultural ceremonies are prohibited, and the curfew is extended from 7:00 am (6:00 pm GMT) to 5:00 am (4:00 pm GMT), while 10:00 am to pm As of 5:00 a.m. presently, she said.

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The measures also include the closure of daily and weekly markets and the inclusion of businesses that sell food products and the provision of compulsory imprisonment for travelers arriving from abroad.

Those who are not affected by extraordinary measures are called to stay at home and go out only to do the necessary work or to face prosecution.

According to the Tunisian Ministry of Health, there were 86 deaths on 6 May, bringing the number of Kovid-19 victims in Tunisia to 11,208.

The department announced that 2,684 people are currently hospitalized, including 508 in intensive care and 152 on ventilators.

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