Kovid-19 epidemic continues to decline

Tahiti, January 8, 2021 – The epidemic indicators continue to improve, particularly in the Windward Islands, where the incidence rate has dropped to 107 per 100,000 residents during the week of December 28, 2020 to January 3, 2021. According to the latest epidemiological bulletin from the Department of Health. The incidence of cases is decreasing, as is the number of routes or level of hospitalization in the Kovid region and the location of beds in the CHPF.

In Polynesia, epidemic reductions continue, particularly in the Windward Islands, where the incidence rate has fallen to 107 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The cumulative number of confirmed cases between July 15, 2020 and the week end was 16,988 with 305 additional cases, the incidence of cases being less than the week before.

During the last week of the year, a total of 1,209 people were tested in the region, ie a screening rate of 438 tests per 100,000 inhabitants for the entire region. Thus the number of samples decreased for the fourth consecutive week and the rate of positivity increased to 25%.

Incidence rates by age group are less than 150 per 100,000 residents, but slightly higher among people over 45 years of age. The incidence rate is always the lowest for those under 20 and especially for those under 15.

For CHPF emergencies, the number of passages in the Kovid region decreases and the number of positive samples decreases rapidly. Since the onset of the epidemic, 1,025 patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 have been hospitalized. Of them, 931 were admitted to CHPF including 194 in intensive care, and 95 were admitted to peripheral hospitals (Moorea, Uturo, Taohaye).

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In the last week of this year, the number of new hospitals continued to decline (overall, 7 in Moorea and Uturo). The percentage of care in intensive care has also been reduced to 24%.

Average length of stay, all services combined and increasing. On the other hand, the average number of beds occupied in the Kovid and intensive care sector has decreased slightly with occupancy rates now less than 50% of existing capacities.

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