Kovid-19: Countries demand wider patent except for vaccines

The NGO said on Saturday that some sixty countries have asked the WTO to lift a wider patent than anti-Kovid vaccines alone, so that it contains the medical equipment needed to fight the epidemic.

According to Médecins sans frontières (MSF) and NGO Knowledge Ecology International (KEI), more than 60 countries have submitted a revision of their text to the World Trade Organization (WTO) on the abandonment of intellectual property protection for COVID-19 vaccines. Other Medical Equipment.

KEI has issued what it considers a revised text, calling the exemption comprehensive and long-lasting. The World Trade Organization, contacted by AFP, was unable to immediately confirm the authenticity of the document.

According to this text, exemptions should include vaccines, treatments, diagnostics, medical devices, and protective devices, as well as the materials and components necessary for their production.

The text also emphasizes that the exemption must last “at least three years” from the date the text takes effect, after which the World Council’s General Council should determine whether the exemption should be lifted or extended should go.

Leena Mangani, head of MSF South, said, “We are pleased to see that governments are sponsoring the Kovid-19 Intellectual Property Waiver Proposal, which confirms that the waiver aims to provide all the medicine needed to fight this epidemic The monopoly barriers to equipment (…) have to be overcome. ” Asia, in a statement.

“With the catastrophic rise in infections and deaths in developing countries, and potentially promising treatments under development, it is important that governments have all the flexibility needed to fight this epidemic,” he added. said.

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Since October, the World Trade Organization has faced calls to temporarily remove intellectual property protection from India and South Africa, which its supporters say will boost production in developing countries and increase access to vaccines Will overcome obvious inequalities.

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