Kovid-19 at school: Is the number underestimated?

“Open schools are our identity. This is what we will close past. I invite you to make this claim! “This Tuesday, in front of the majority of lawmakers, Jean Castex did not skimp in praising the” French exception “, which includes not closing schools, even in the event of an outbreak of the Kovid epidemic. 19. In the United States, in the United Kingdom, in Germany … schools are closed when the virus reopens. Not in France, where preventing students from dropping out is a latemotif.

The reason is also health: “We contaminate it less than the rest of society,” repeats National Education Minister Jean-Michel Blenker. Who gives the number According to the first reports of saliva tests deployed for three weeks, “0.35% to 0.5%” children are positive. Despite skyrocketing growth in a week, 2018 classes are closed, according to the latest data available from Friday, with only 0.4% of classes in the country.

College and High School Students Ignored

Problem: Many people underestimate these figures. Especially since the government has given the green signal for priority vaccination of teachers from mid-end of this Tuesday, April, recognizing the thesis that the school is indeed a major site of contamination.

Previously, the “0.35 to 0.50%” cited by the minister does not take into account middle school and high school students, with most of the saliva tests done in the first degree. Regarding epidemiologists, according to epidemiologist Arnaud Fontanet, when you have a college or high school student at home, there is an additional 30% risk of becoming infected. In addition, the screening operation at the school is incomplete: 20 to 25% of families refuse saliva testing, and in the second degree where nasopharyngeal is privileged, where only 20% of adolescents are ready to attend. Swab in the nose. . High school students, in case of symptoms, are tested in the laboratory.

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Thus, at a college in Val-de-Marne, was recently subjected to a saliva screening, the results of which were reported to parents on Monday. “0.66% of the sample is positive. This may not sound like much, but it is a high prevalence rate indicated by the minister, notes Paul, a father. The ARS tells us that 25% of employees did not accept the test, which did not concern any adults, and that students who were already infected were at home in isolation … it creates holes in the racket! »In Gournay-sur-Marne (Seine-Saint-Denis), only 15 to 17 students went to their kindergarten last week, while the number was usually 270 children! A significant number of absent people were positive cases or contact cases, FCE points out, indicating that no screening has been done.

Redo Sport Indoors, “Figured Out”

In this context, the return of indoor sports to schools announced last week has been debated. In January, I was on the front line, allowing us to do classes in the gym, as colds and viruses were slightly less present. But there, it is incomprehensible: the epidemic is on the rise, the weather is fine… I will not change my schedule and stay out, for safety, ”said Femani, a PE teacher at Fremantre, a fan.

In this context, common levers are on the table for adaptation to virus prey. Among them, closing the canteen, Rue de Grenelle’s “Ultimate Lever” is not possible, but desirable, because socially necessary, Jean-Michel Blenker was recalled in our column ten days ago.

There is a catch on a little bit of novelty. Self-testing is slightly less reliable than PCR tests, but is easier to use, is under consideration, and can be used to test classes.

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