Kovid-19: Announces Collective Support of $ 7.5 Billion for G7 Vaccination

G7 leaders, who met with videoconferencing on Friday under the London presidency, announced $ 7.5 billion in support for the vaccination against Kovid-19.

Leaders of the seven world powers, including the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Canada and Japan, reiterated their support for equal access to the Kovid-19 during this meeting that dominated the epidemic response. Vaccines, announcing a $ 4 billion increase in collective support for vaccination for “a total of $ 7.5 billion”.

Noting that his financial support would be provided through the United Nations Kovacs Program led by the World Health Organization (WHO), the leaders pledged to shape the people and the entire planet “promoting health and prosperity” He said in a statement issued after this meeting that witnessed the first participation of the new US President Joe Biden.

In addition to the United States, the European Union has increased its contribution to the program by one billion euros, while the Prime Minister of Britain, who has already achieved his goal of immunizing the four most vulnerable groups in the United Kingdom, Has promised redistribution Most of its surpluses are vaccinated through Kovacs.

Leaders of the 7 superpowers have expressed a desire to make 2021 “a turning point for multilateralism”, after four years of unilateralism that have dominated the mandate of outgoing US President Donald Trump.

The meeting is the first since April 2020, due to the health crisis the summit had to be canceled which was to host Washington last year.

The United Kingdom, which this year holds the rotating chairmanship of the G7, intends to host its leaders’ summit in June, in the south-west of England, in the seaside town of Cornwall.

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