Kovid-19 and Resurrection: Status by Area until 18 March

As of Wednesday 17 March 2021: Occupancy rates of intensive care beds are increasing in all areas except Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, Martinique and Mayotte (where this rate remains very high). This increase is particularly rapid in Corsica and Guyana, where health emergency limits have been exceeded. A significant leap is also seen in Guadeloupe, the Grand Est, Pays de la Loire, Normandy (which exceeds the health emergency limit) and the -le-de-France, where the initial capacity is fully saturated. In total, five regions have already saturated all of their initial capacity, and only six regions are still below the health emergency threshold.

Graphic. Development of occupancy rates of intensive care beds in French areas over the last four weeks. The blue dotted line represents the maximum alert level (set by the government at 30%), the red dotted line represents the health emergency level (set at 60%) And black dotted line initial potential in this region (before the epidemic). Click to view larger Sincerely: Nicolas Gutierrez c.

1. The threshold in the graph has been revised to adopt new alert levels set by the Ministry of Solidarity and Health: Maximum Alert (30%) and Health Emergency (60%).

2. Due to the time lag between the time of infection and admission to the ICU (about two weeks), Wednesday’s data actually shows the epidemic status two to three weeks earlier.

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