Kovid-19 acceleration in the world: WHO sounds cautious

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), including death, Kovid-19 is booming worldwide, rising by 5% last week.

New coronoviruses have gained momentum around the world, entering a phase of increased acceleration. This was revealed on Monday 12 April 2021 during a press conference by the World Health Organization (WHO) technical manager, Maria Van Kerkhov, for the fight against Kovid-19. “We are at an important point in the epidemic at the moment.

The trajectory of this epidemic is expanding rapidly. It is growing rapidly. This is not the situation we want to find ourselves after 16 months of the onset of the epidemic, when we have effective control measures in place, ”she said. According to him, this worrisome expansion of the epidemic was particularly felt last week, increasing the number of cases worldwide by 9%.

Worse, the number of deaths increased by 5% during this interval. This alarming reality was confirmed by the Director General of WHO, Tedros Adnom Ghebayius, who co-hosted the session. “This is the seventh consecutive week of increase in cases, and the fourth consecutive week of increase in deaths,” he said.

A glimpse of hope
Paradoxically, the introduction of vaccination campaigns in many countries around the world has also not allowed this rate to slow down. “Last week we reported the fourth highest number of cases in a single week (…) and despite the fact that more than 780 million doses of the vaccine have been given worldwide”, he said.

A look at the data gives an idea of ​​this exponential growth of Kovid-19. Of the more than 135 million cases, as of Monday, April 12, there were 2.9 million deaths worldwide. Europe remains the most affected continent with over one million deaths. The United States is the most affected country with 562,066 victims, followed by Brazil (353,137 dead), Mexico (209,338), India (170,179) and the United Kingdom (127,087).

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The presence of new variants can further complicate the situation. And collective immunity that provides the vaccine with, in principle, the risk of being postponed indefinitely. The WHO still sees a glimpse of hope in spite of this grayness, provided that preventive measures are respected, in this case physical disturbances, wearing of masks, hand hygiene, ventilation, screening, contact tracing, as well as isolation and quarantine.

The head of the WHO also believes that vaccines, as a “significant and powerful” tool, can reverse this negative spiral and make it possible to “control the epidemic” in a few months.

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