Kortrijk United Cricket Club finally has its own field after years: “Not playing on the steps and training in Ostend” Kortrijk

Kortrijk United Cricket Club, currently active in the Third Division, has been searching for a cricket ground in its own city for years. The city council was not deaf at the call of the club. But due to the size of the site, the minimum diameter of such a pitch is 110 meters, it took some time to find a suitable location. “We are achieving something unique here. Because in Flanders, a cricket pitch has never been established on an existing synthetic turf pitch. Cricket Flanders chairman Hassan Shah says, “With its cricket ground in the Cratridge, the cricket club will grow very fast in terms of quality and quantity.” The cricket season runs from April to the end of October. The sports department aims for one training moment a week for Kortrijk United Cricket Club and one home game on Sundays every two weeks. For clarity, the intention is to continue using the sites in a multilateral manner. Other sports such as football and Frisbee are also possible on Lang Munte.

Cricket is a lesser known team sport in Belgium. The game is growing. Currently there are about thirty clubs active in our country, in five divisions. Our province has clubs in Bruges, Ostend and Kortridge.

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