Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov’s company is trying to sell two buildings in the United States

Optima Ventures, a joint company owned by Ukrainian oligarchs Igor Kolomisky and Gennady Bogolibov, has sued in Delaware state court to sell the two buildings as part of a foreclosure process. This is stated in documents submitted to the court on 24 December.

The company, which is the largest real estate operator in the Midwest, wants to sell the 22-story 55 Public Square and the Westin Cleveland Downtown Hotel.

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The company owes approximately $ 50 million in payments for both of these assets.

The United States accused Kolomboki and Bogolibov of buying assets in the country, including real estate and a metal processing plant, for funding through Ukraine’s Privetbank.

Kolomisky and Bogolibov denied the allegations, claiming that they purchased items in the United States with money from the steel business.

In addition, the US Department of Justice is seeking foreclosure of two commercial buildings such as Optima Ventures in Louisville, Kentucky and Dallas, Texas.

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The company had nine properties, five of them in Cleveland. After the sale of these two items, he will own a building, two more – the recovery process.

On August 4, the Federal Bureau of Investigation confirmed that it was investigating cases against Kolomoki and Bogolibov for embezzlement and money laundering. According to FBI Radio Liberty, the investigation continues.

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