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It’s Continuing Its Month of Exclusives hello infinity NS’IGN contacted with 343 Industries One of the many collectibles offered by the game: the audio log,

the audio log hello infinity, similar to mission information from Halo 5: Guardians, will feature many different stories, some told in one recording, others in several.

Audio logs are not placed on the map, only their triggers: this means no matter what order you pick them up, you will always be able to find the stories told by these logs in the correct order.

Each audio diary will belong to a very specific group, be it the UNSC, the Outkast, the Spartans or even the forerunners in the case of some of their lost archives. Most of the recordings will relate to events that took place in the 6 months prior to the start of the campaign. hello infinityWhile Major was wandering in space.

Various types of audio logs will be far from the only collectibles hello infinity Since we’ll also find skulls, lockers that contain elements of customization for your spartan in multiplayer as well as elements of customization to destroy the fairies’ propaganda towers.

All these collectibles will be waiting for you in the countryside hello infinity which is about to be released December 8 Feather Xbox one, Xbox Series X|S, Steam, ns Microsoft Store, ns xbox game pass And this xbox cloud gaming, As a reminder, initially only a single-player campaign will be released, with a cooperative mode currently being planned for Season 2 of the game, May 2022, not to miss anything on the campaign of hello infinity Or its multiplayer, do not hesitate to consult our large summary file.

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What do you think of these early pieces from the Hello Infinite audio log? Are you going to search every nook and corner of Installation 07 to find them?

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