King announces 1.2 billion euro business in 2021

King, the European specialist in the BTOB distribution of packaging, office supplies and industrial equipment, has announced a record turnover of 1.2 billion euros for 2021, representing an increase of almost 20% compared to 2020. As an operating result, it is equal to 103. million euros.

Viking Unification

Results particularly impacted by the acquisition of Viking, an office supply brand, and organic growth of 10.5% in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands in November 2021. King has also been able to rely on sales of packaging supplies and equipment, which have grown significantly in the face of recent strong growth in e-commerce. The increase in turnover is also explained by the resumption of industrial production, especially with the increasing need for handling and storage equipment for logistics centers. For sales of hygiene, maintenance and personal protective equipment products, they fell slightly after reaching exceptional levels in 2020, but still remained higher than in 2019.

The group is currently working on the integration of Viking to strengthen the brand, its commercial dynamism and its customer service to bring it back into financial balance as quickly as possible. To do this, Viking would now be divided into three regions: England/Ireland, Germany/Switzerland/Austria and the Benelux, with general management in charge of each region. , In line with our growth and diversification strategy, the acquisition of Viking is a defining step for the group. This reaffirms our ambition to become the European leader in BTOB e-commerce for office supplies and equipment. ยป, announced Daniil Kapel-Markovici, CEO of King.

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an environmentally responsible commitment

King announced the strengthening of its environmentally-responsible commitment with the aim of achieving a future supply of fully recycled and reusable packaging supplies by 2025, while currently 60% of the group’s packaging sales are made from paper-cardboard, a natural materials, and 80% of the plastic packaging sold is made of recycled and recyclable plastics. In this sense, the year 2021 saw the launch of several new paper-cardboard products, 100% recyclable, stretch paper for palletizing and recycled bubble wrap, among other things. Beginning in 20211, King obtained a subscription to Fret21 with the aim of reducing its CO2 emissions by 28% on transporting its customers in France by the end of 2024.

For 2022, the group intends to maintain its growth momentum and achieve a turnover of EUR 1.75 billion. , Our absolute priority is to meet the needs of our customers and maintain the quality of our services in a difficult economic context. Thanks to the Group’s good financial health, we continue to invest in our logistics and digital projects and in our growth initiatives across all sectors, including the study of new acquisition opportunities. Danielle Kapel-Markovici says.

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