Kim of North Korea Urges Military to Thoroughly Annihilate US and South Korea if Provoked

Kim of North Korea Urges Military to Thoroughly Annihilate US and South Korea if Provoked

Title: North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Calls for “Thorough Annihilation” of US and South Korea Amid Escalating Tensions

In a recent New Year’s celebration in Pyongyang, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un attended a performance along with his wife and daughter. However, independent journalists were barred from covering the event, leaving the authenticity of the provided image in doubt.

During the event, Kim Jong Un made a speech, emphasizing the need to protect national security and deal a “deadly blow” to any potential threats from the United States and other hostile forces. He further escalated his warlike rhetoric by stating that his military should “thoroughly annihilate” the United States and South Korea if provoked.

These threats come in response to the joint military drills conducted by the United States and South Korea, which North Korea perceives as a direct threat to its security. In light of the tensions, Kim announced plans to launch three more military spy satellites, increase nuclear material production, and develop attack drones throughout the year.

Analysts believe that Kim’s provocative actions are aimed at gaining concessions from the United States, especially if Donald Trump wins the upcoming presidential election. The North Korean leader has been trying to strengthen relationships with China and Russia as a countermeasure to the tightening sanctions imposed by the US and its allies.

Meanwhile, South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol responded to the North Korean nuclear threat by announcing plans to bolster the country’s military capabilities in terms of preemptive strikes, missile defense, and retaliation. Experts caution that small-scale military clashes and missile tests could occur along the North-South Korean border as tensions continue to escalate.

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North Korea has conducted over 100 missile tests since 2022, prompting the US and South Korea to carry out joint military exercises aimed at deterring any further aggression. Estimates suggest that North Korea’s nuclear arsenal could range from 20 to over 100 bombs, posing a significant threat to regional stability.

In an effort to strengthen bilateral ties, Kim Jong Un and Chinese President Xi Jinping exchanged New Year’s Day messages. The move is seen as an attempt to gain support from China, which has been a major player in the ongoing nuclear negotiations with North Korea.

As the situation on the Korean Peninsula remains tense, the international community closely monitors any developments that could further escalate hostilities in the region.

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