Kim Kardashian covers herself in a coat at the Vatican after a sexy look

aKim Kardashian is currently in Italy for work and these days she visits the most iconic places in Rome. Celebrities visited the Vatican on Monday 28 June.

However, celebrities don’t disguise themselves, at least according to the rules of the room.

According to TMZ, posts from businessman Tracy Romulus, who helps Kim run her branding empire, showed Kardashian had to wear a long coat for her trip to St.

kim kardashian wears a long black coat© Breeding – Instagram

Note that it is recommended that visitors to the Vatican wear more discreet clothing without showing too much skin. If these recommendations are not followed, the guards may deny tourists entry.

In addition to the Vatican, Kim also had the opportunity to visit the Colosseum, as can be seen in the photo below:

Kim Kardashian with her hairdresser and makeup artist at the Colosseum in Rome© Breeding – Instagram

And thus, View Gallery The pictures, which the celebrity has already shared on their Instagram account, aptly depict their visit to the Colosseum.

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