Khashogi’s murder: Riyadh and Washington are careful not to spoil their relationship

Saudi journalist killed Jamal Khashoggi Could not happen without the approval of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. This is an American intelligence claim. In a report, he states that Mohammad ben salman The intelligence services had “complete control”, “very unlikely” to carry out such an operation without its “green light”.

It contains a list of about 20 people involved in the operation, including former Saudi intelligence number two Ahmed al-Assiri, a close aide of MBS and a former adviser to Prince Saud al-Kahani, both of whom approved the justice of their country.

The accusations were quickly dismissed by Riyadh, which however is careful not to spoil its relationship with the US ally.

Same currency from Washington side. If the United States approves some of the prince’s relatives, he will not be targeted. Objective: To avoid a cease-fire with Saudi Arabia. “The US generally does not ban supreme leaders of countries with which it has diplomatic relations. “, Justified the State Department.

Relations with Saudi Arabia are important. We have important interests. We are engaged in protecting the state. But we also want to make sure, and the President has said from the beginning that the relationship better reflects our interests and values. The action we have taken is not really to break the relationship, but to re-understand it. “ shed light on Antony blinkHead of American diplomacy.

The incident has tarnished the image of the young crown prince, a real strongman of the state named by Turkish authorities as the sponsor of the assassination.

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After denying the killing, Riyadh said that it was done by Saudi agents who acted alone.

Criticizing Saudi power after its proximity, Jamal Khashogi, a United States-based and daily Washington Post columnist, was assassinated on October 2, 2018, by a commando of Arab agents in his country’s consulate in Istanbul was.

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