Khashogi case: imminent publication of US report showing MBS

Mohammad bin Salman. Will Oliver / EPA

A US report compiled by the journalist Jamal Khashogi and assassinated by the CIA and other intelligence agencies is expected to be released this Friday. According to the first antitrust relayed by the US press or the Bloomberg Press Agency, the contents of the report directly include Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed Ben Salman.

The decision to release this unannounced report looking back at the October 2018 assassination of journalist Jamal Khashogi inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, quoting Joe Biden, Saudi Arabia, with Bloomberg notes, to rebuild its relationship For Joe Biden is part of the administration’s determination. Circle.

Prior to the publication of the report, the US President had a telephone interview with King Salman of Saudi Arabia on Thursday. Report not mentioned, new White House tenants “Confirms that the United States is based on universal human rights and the rule of law”, it shows A statement issued by the White House.

Officially, in Saudi Arabia, Prince MBS denied any involvement in the assassination, while claiming to accept symbolic responsibility, the country’s actual ruler, Bloomberg said. However, Saudi officials said the killing was carried out by officials who had received no orders and who had been prosecuted. Last September, eight accused of murder were sentenced by a Saudi court to prison for up to 20 years.

After publishing this report and thus excluding Crown Prince MBS from all contact with the Americans, Washington would certainly break with Donald Trump’s policy towards Saudi rule. The act would also place first in American diplomacy. The latter is used directly to deal with heir princes, who are reputed to be the holders of effective management of the country.

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