Kef Mu3 Earphones

KEF introduces Mu3 noise, canceling True Wireless earphones. Flawless design comes from visionary designer Ross Lovegrove. The brand new earphones have been developed in the UK by KEF’s acoustics team and promise to deliver clear, high-resolution sound.

KEF is a passionate pioneer of high quality audio equipment and is known for the pure and natural sound of its products. From hi-fi speakers to wireless speakers and headphones, everything is designed to bring magical sounds to life. In 2021, KEF will celebrate 60 years of endless dedication to major-edge audio technology. KEF’s 60-year-old production obsession with fine production as the ‘finest artist’ is reflected in the current offering and has been extended over six decades and the passion and honesty to make every music lover a music connoisseur Has ambitions.

The new Mu3 earphones give music lovers the opportunity to listen to every note, word and description, whether you’re traveling, exercising, or just sitting on the couch. The splash proof design ensures that the earphones can handle all weather conditions. With a battery life of less than 24 hours (9 hours with a full charge; plus 15 hours with a charging case) you can enjoy the top quality of the KEF throughout the day.

KEF’s signature pure and accurate sound

The high audio performance of Mu3 earphones stems from specially tuned active noise-canceling technology. This allows Mu3 to eliminate external noise without affecting details that bring the music to life.

Mu3 delivers the incomparable KEF signature sound. All of Mu3’s sculpture enclosures feature 8.2mm full range dynamic drivers, designed by KEF’s engineering team to deliver exceptionally dynamic and well-balanced sound with rich mead, wide bass and clear highs went. Every nuance and subtlety of the recording is beautifully revealed when you listen and believe it.

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Design Door Ross Lovegrove

To ensure that the MU3 looks as good as it sounds, they think KEF has teamed up once again with Ross Lovegrove, who also designed the MUON speaker and the MU Bluetooth speaker under his own name. Known for its innovative approach and fluid, sculptural shape, Lovegrove gives a new dimension to the sound. The design shows that Lovegrove’s new collaboration with KEF is both aesthetically and technically excellent.

The Mu3 earphones may be small, but the sculpted look offers sophistication in its compact dimensions. The pure and sleek aesthetic perfectly complements KEF’s design philosophy. Good style is about more than just style; Mu3’s offer quality and matching ergonomics.

Compact and ergonomic design

The new Mu3’s ergonomic design ensures that the earphones stay in place, giving the listener the most comfortable audio experience. The earphones come with Silicon Dome in four different sizes to provide the most customized fit for your ears. They also provide the perfect seal for sound insulation and are held securely in place.

However you want all day long

The Mu3 static cable 5.0 frees listeners from cable trouble for connections that do not cause any delays. Audio performance is further enhanced by simultaneous transmissions, creating a risk of delay, rather than having both earphones receive a signal at the same time, rather than the more common approach of sending audio to one earphone and forwarding it to another. . The Mu3s provide seamless performance, are easy to connect to, and are exceptionally stable on both iOS and Android devices.

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After a simple installation, the automatic pair of earphones is a simpler experience. Mu3 also has ‘Ambient Mode’, where active noise is canceled at the touch of a button and you can see what’s happening around you. Perfect for use in traffic.

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