Kavinsky opened up after a 10-year hiatus: ‘I had to face the fact that I wanted to make music again’. music

Kavinsky fans have been demanding his return for almost a decade. Starr’s 2013 album Outrun was a smash hit that garnered Gold certification and (arguably) launched a whole new genre of story-driven, focused music. So why does it seem like he’s been hiding for so long?

is specifically addressed Express.co.ukKavinsky explained that the reason it took him so long to get back to work was because he wanted to fully absorb his work before new music.

“I didn’t know when I would be back,” Kavinsky revealed on Zoom via an interpreter. “But I wanted to take the time and think about the music that I had already released. That’s why I think it’s taken so long to create new music that excites me. ,

He continued: “It was a really good thing for me! Because it allowed me to reflect on the music and start again on a new ground that I had created earlier, with a new spirit. »

Despite this, the pressure of his fans must have been deaf.

After the continued unbelievable success of Outrun, Kavinsky’s desire for more has reached a boiling point. But he did not answer the call. And it seems that this is only due to the artist’s reluctance to release the same old music as everyone else.

Kavinsky said: “Both really come from the fact that I wanted to create something new after the music I’ve released in the past… The second factor – and maybe the pressure – is people listening to music. In a new way. The world changed. Is. “

But it wasn’t this new way of constantly digesting music that eventually got Kavinsky out of “retirement” (if you can call it that).

Instead, it was a pandemic. At risk of being exposed to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Kavinsky admits that being home alone is what eventually forces her to deal with her stifling creativity. “I had to face the fact that I wanted to compose music again,” he said. “So in a way the pandemic has been good for me, because I can focus on what I want to do next. ,

He later explained how his listeners should not expect a similar experience to Outrun in Reincarnation.

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“It’s a slow road,” he laughs. “They can definitely listen to the album while relaxing in their car or in their living room. That’s what the album was made for. He further added that this new mindset has been in place since the start of the pandemic.

Looking back on the two-year-long production process, Kavinsky thought, “I wanted to create a new sound. more juicy. Softer, less tortuous than before. ,

But returning was not an easy decision for Kavinsky.

He clearly puts a lot of thought into what he presents to the world. It’s not just a new album, a bunch of singles and some merch; No, she has to handcraft the whole beauty look – the thing for which she is probably best known.

Each release features a similar Hollywood-wide clip that tells an alternate Dead Cruiser story (Kavinsky’s protagonist who chases bad guys down shady highways and rescues girls in distress). Each piece of merchandise should allow any fan to fully experience Kavinsky’s wildest imagination.

Hell, this time it has struck a deal with French watch brand YEMA for a special (and limited) edition watch it just £450,000 in funding on Kickstarter in a matter of days.

No, nothing says Kavinsky half-ripe. But it is very successful.

And while he wants to continue creating Dead Cruiser legends for years to come in movies and TV shows (“Sometimes I fall asleep thinking about it… one day maybe it will, but no plans) Kavinsky wants to get away from something of his past.

After Kavinsky left the musical in 2013, his popularity has steadily increased, perhaps thanks (in part) to Nicholas Winding Raven’s 2011 film Drive. Kavinsky’s track Nightcall in the film, directed by Ryan Gosling, was one of his biggest and most popular. track. It’s become synonymous with film — but it seems to have become a dirty word about the artist himself.

When I mentioned the film, he replied, “When I think about when Drive came out, that was a great time for me. A lot of people listened to my music. Many people who couldn’t listen to my music, Or couldn’t hear my music. Different types of music. So they got to know what I have through this film, obviously I am very indebted to this film.

He didn’t go into details.

I was also interested to know if he had any ideas about how Outrun and his other early music might lead to the birth of a new aesthetically driven musical style (catching up like synthwave).

He began softly: “You’ve definitely heard of mixed wave. “But I’ve said many times to a lot of people, ‘I hate to put my music in one genre, in a box.’ ,

He quickly added, “But if people or musicians from my music work on their music and get creative, of course, I’m very happy with that. [But] I will not think about my own music. It’s just a new term I heard about after the fact. ,

Despite the music label and expectations, Kavinsky seemed thrilled to be back for his fans. He indicated indifferently that he was going to America on a tour and wanted to visit Britain as soon as possible.

But will this second album retain all his fans for another ten years – or maybe not at all?

Thank god no.

Kavinsky assured me, “I won’t wait that long. Because in ten years, I’ll be too old to release a new album! So I’ll be back sooner than I was before.”

Kavinsky – Rayborn is out now.

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