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When the UK rollout begins next week, the first dose arrives from Belgium, with more details about who will be receiving the Pfizer / Bioentech coronavirus vaccine.

The highly anticipated Jab arrived in Britain on Thursday and was brought in lorries via the Eurotunnel.

It is now being delivered to everyone in confused countries and will be delivered to 50 Hub hospitals in the coming days, with more than 80 elderly sets among the first of care home residents and staff and vaccinators.

“Vaccinators” call for ads to help “as soon as possible”

With Vaccines approved The MHRA, the UK’s independent health regulator, has maintained the speed of its decision on the questions that follow America’s top infectious disease specialistThe NHS has begun recruiting staff with “vaccine delivery experience” or those “willing to take training”.

An advertisement for a healthcare trust in London said: “We expect to receive the Covid-19 vaccine soon.

“We need your help to get as many Londoners vaccinated as possible.

“We are looking for healthcare professionals across the capital. You may already have experience giving people a vaccine or you may be willing to take training.”

The government has ordered 40 million doses of Jaber, enough to vaccinate 20 million people, to reach 600,000 doses next week.

Studies have shown that it is 95% effective in preventing it COVID-19 And works in all age groups.

Chris Hopson, chief executive of NHS providers, said it was the first clear priority group to receive Pdo / BioNTech The vaccine will take care of home residents and their caregivers.

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Second, over the next few days, hospitals will be able to identify as many as 70 patients as possible so that they can be vaccinated against the disease. Coronavirus.

Apparently the candidates will be those who take part in outpatient appointments and treat patients.

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Behind the Pfizer vaccine

The concern was that the need for vaccine preservation made it difficult to provide home care homes, but – although this task remains challenging – this fear has been somewhat allayed.

The MHRA (Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) says the 9755-dose vaccine boxes can be broken down into smaller doses, making it easier to deliver vaccines to care for homeowners.

Given that the vaccine needs to be stored initially at -70C (-94F), Mr Hopson acknowledged “it won’t be easy”.

It can be sent to job care homes for no more than six hours after leaving cold storage – and it is kept in a common refrigerator from 2C to 8C.

If initially given doses of the vaccine remain to be given to these priority groups, hospitals will vaccinate staff based on risk factors.

Hospitals will be asked to ensure that those who receive the first dose receive the second dose three weeks later, which is necessary for the vaccine to be effective.

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Fauci: UK vaccine analysis ‘too fast’

Mr Hopson warned that the rollout would be a “large, complex, important logistical challenge”, but added: “The NHS is the best – and why do we benefit so much from the national healthcare, to build 33,000 beds? Coronavirus in the first place. Patients showed up.

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“Trusts will provide this important work.”

The UK is the first country to approve JAB for use and the first vaccination is expected on Tuesday.

Vaccinations will probably be given in the new year, as more doses become available Other risk groups, Most of the vaccines are expected to be held between January and April.

That’s the end of it 170 coronavirus vaccine In terms of development around the world, however, there are a few key pioneers who are in the final stages of the check and may soon be available as Pfizer Jobs.

This is a much cheaper and more easily stored option Oxford University and AstraZenecaAlthough one has been submitted for approval in the UK with low efficacy determination.

Meanwhile, scientists at the American organization Moderna are seeking approval from US and European Union regulators to allow the emergency use of their jabs, which the UK government Seven million dose orders.

On Wednesday, Russia announced that next week it would launch a large-scale vaccine using its Jab, called Sputnik V, and the Chinese military approved another one manufactured by Cansino Biologics.

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