Kaun Bana Chahta Hai Crorepati’s contender, stuns viewers by using lifelines on the first two questions

Connor Kim didn’t go very far when he used a lifeline on the first question, asking if Keith is a member of the Rolling Stones.

Surprisingly, the paralegal was torn between Keith Chegwin and Keith Richards, and host Jeremy Clarkson said Connor had made himself up to “look like an idiot”.

He continued, “You will be remembered for a long, long time.”

Clarkson couldn’t believe the question blocked Connor. credit: ITV

Connor eventually moved on to using the relatively new ‘Ask the Host’ lifeline, but his failed start was only spoiled when he was puzzled by the €200 question: “Which of the following is an old-fashioned way of saying A more polite way to ‘go to the bathroom’?”

Their choices were: “Beat Around the Bush”, “Spend a Dime”, “Let Off Steam” and “Hit the Bag”.

Clarkson – with the audience at home – couldn’t believe the question had pushed Connor to her 50/50:

But from there, Connor managed to hold a race, defying the hopes of reaching the €250,000 question, in which case he decided to take the €125,000 he won.

Clarkson said, “It’s cool, I don’t blame you. What can I say? You were so memorable, I’m so glad you left with €125,000.”

Several Twitter viewers also had to eat a humble pie after Connor’s dramatic makeover:

Now spend some of that $125,000 on the Rolling Stones album, Conor. Please.

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