Kate Middleton named UK Influencer of the Year

The Duchess of Cambridge is an example of the style that the whole of Britain and the whole world sees. Her outfits immediately become “wanted” internationally, which is why she is considered the most popular British fashion icon of 2020

Kate Middleton It was Named UK Influencer of the Year, Meghan Markle is considered more popular in style.

As reported by the Daily Mail website, the Duchess of Cambridge has topped the stage of English influencers by putting themselves on top. Rankings compiled by LovetheSalesThe website, which collects the largest online sales from around the world.

Fashion experts at LovetheSales looked at various Middleton looks and came to the conclusion that She is the UK’s number one influential woman.

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Kate Super Meghan Markle


The Royal Dress, the most sought after clothes are Kate and Letizia Ortiz

In 2017, William’s wife suffered a unanimous defeat in the face of the overwhelming success of Meghan Markle, whose organizations set the law in English and international fashion matters.

It will be the ensemble of the Duke of Sussex from the Royal Family – in early 2020 – to bring Kate back to the Kingdom’s favorites in terms of clothing.

During the lockdown, moreover, Middleton’s “chic but not too much” combinations convinced Queen Elizabeth’s subjects too much.

Kate Middleton Favorite 2020


Kate Middleton, Faithful Brand Dressed in Floral Dress

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Most successful 2020 look? Now famous Flower Standing Brand Signed by Faithfull The Brand The Duchess wore it during a visit to The Nook, Norfolk, last June.
According to data collected by LovetheSales.com, the discovery of the dress with a “floral print” has seen a real boom after the publication of Middleton’s “In Bloom” photos on all international tabloids.

British stylist Jessie Stein, interviewed by the Daily Mail, put the accent on the flower dress: “Dresses sold in less than 24 hours, floral dress rose 158% in the following days, registering 112% growth from 2019 to 2020».

Not only floral dress: Between cardigans and checkered overcoats – must haves


Kate Middleton Queen Of Fat Fashion: All Her Looks Sold Out

Jesse Stein explains that almost all of them have had global success, incidentally with William’s wife. He tells the Daily Mail that “9 of her 10 dresses sold in 2020 as inspired by the wardrobe of the British royal family. For example, the search for a cardigan sweater rose 67% after the Duchess wore it to talk on the zoom. And after donating a checkdown overcoat for this tour of the University of Derby, the search for a coat with a checked pattern is 32%».

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