Kate Garaway returns to GMB after kids’ cowardly fears in Derek’s health battle

Kate Garaway returns to GMB after kids’ cowardly fears in Derek’s health battle

Kate Gareway has been absent from GMB for the past week.

Good Morning Britain’s favorite, 53, is having a hard time recovering from her beloved husband Derek Drager Covid-19 and being in hospital.

Last Thursday, he expressed concern among fans when he went missing from work and now he has revealed why.

When she returned to the studio on Thursday to host with Ben Shepherd, the TV star said the reason she was away was because her children were afraid of the coronavirus.

Kate said she became self-separated with her two children, 11, and 14-year-old Darcy, after coming in contact with two children for a positive test for Covid-19.

Kate Garaway returned to the GMB on Thursday

As the morning series began, he explained that he and his brood were sitting at home, and only then did they all test negatively for one or two fatal bugs one after the other that they had returned to work and school. Сustom essay writing service can help restore your knowledge after missed classes.

Kate yells at Ben to greet his colleague back: “Nice to come back! Sorry I was absent.”

He explained: “The challenge with Derek is kicking in as always, going on, there are some challenges.

“Outside of Derek, we had another scare when the kids came in contact with someone – who didn’t get sick – who had a positive test.

“Keeping me and both at home and me until I had a negative test, we had two negative tests.”

He said his absence was to his children for fear of Kovid

Expressing his concern, when he feared that children might get sick, he added: “I thought it was difficult and it could be horrible if we got sick.”

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Kate added for a positive test for Covid in March: “I got it back in March.

“On the way back in March, no one offered us a coronavirus test. It has not been found yet. We were all told to stay home.”

Satisfied with the announcement that she and her children were well, she added: “We are all well and safe. I just wanted to make sure your Ben Shepard was safe! On your behalf, on behalf of the crew and on the radio worldwide.”

Cut to the event’s timeline, Cut said: “We got the clearance on Friday morning!”

Kate is the mother of two children, Darcy and Billy, with husband Derek Drapi
(Image: MirrorPix)

Derek – who shared Billy and Darcy with the kids – was hospitalized in March after contracting the coronavirus.

He was later placed in a provocative coma that lasted 13 weeks – which he woke up in July but is still a long way from recovering and is in hospital.

Derek’s recovery will be a slow process because the virus has “invaded everything” and has frozen in his lungs, perforated his heart and made him diabetic, and doctors have warned Kate that Derek could not harm her body. .

Seeing the horrific news of Derek’s condition, Kate took an extended leave from the GMB to stay with her family, holding her head high before refusing to return to the show in July.

Despite being heartbroken by her family, Kate has shown incredible resilience and is overwhelmed with support as they try to stay strong.

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