Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection rolls out new updates

Kaspersky has improved and expanded the list of VPN Secure Connection capabilities available. It includes a kill switch feature, which allows users to browse the Internet securely and protect them from risky connectivity disruptions. This feature is available for iOS. The list of streaming services has also grown. In addition, the range of geographic regions through which users can route their traffic has also expanded, as has the number of servers.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, people will be more at home and using their devices more intensively. According to a study by DoubleVerify, the average daily time a consumer spends on online content has doubled from three hours 17 minutes to six hours 59 minutes since the start of the pandemic. In addition, streaming services have increasingly differentiated in terms of content and geography. This means that users from different regions will not be able to access important news and other content. As a result, VPN services have become increasingly popular.

Kill Switch is now on iOS too
Kill Switch is a VPN security feature that automatically disconnects the user’s Internet connection when the VPN is down. It guarantees the user’s digital privacy and prevents data loss. Thanks to this option, consumers do not have to worry about information about their online activities falling into the hands of third parties.

The feature is now available for iOS, which means that customer personal data is securely protected across all four platforms: Mac, Windows, Android and iOS. Kill Switch is available for users with a premium subscription.

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worldwide availability
To increase the service’s availability to users worldwide, Kaspersky is continually expanding the number of supported countries. Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection now has a network of over 2,000 servers in over 53 regions and is available on all continents except Antarctica. At the same time, each region has at least one physical server in the Kaspersky network. This allowed the company to improve connection stability and provide users with high-quality, high-speed Internet connections.

In 2021, Kaspersky added 19 new regions to the list of available locations. Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection can currently connect to 53 locations worldwide, with plans to expand coverage to over 70 locations this year.

Add Available Streaming Services
Important updates also include access to local content. To expand the user experience and provide access to important news and information, Kaspersky’s VPN secures connections from the US to streaming platforms such as Hulu, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video, while UK content is available on BBC iPlayer. If the local catalog for the location is not supported, the user can access the US folder for Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime/Disney+ and the UK folder for BBC iPlayer.

Kaspersky’s team also detailed the geography for Netflix. The streaming platform is now also available for users in Germany and Japan. As a result, customers can watch their favorite movies, shows and sports programs privately, securely and without any restrictions.

Marina Titova, Head of Consumer Product Marketing at Kaspersky, said: “The explosion in data collection – not only in terms of volume but also in terms of variety and speed – has raised consumer concerns about the security and privacy of personal information stored online. Given the explosion of the Internet and the number of services that try to access personal information, one of the best ways to keep it secure and prevent third party access is to use a VPN while browsing the web. To strengthen, Kaspersky is continuously improving all products, including Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection. An updated version of the solution allows users to keep their personal data secure on all platforms while using services and sites around the world Will give

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The solution is available as a free and premium version.

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