Karl Lagerfeld’s 300 iPods Auctioned

We knew that Karl Lagerfeld is a very good customer of Apple products, and iPods in particular. Sotheby’s sale confirms it, A reader told us that on May 4 a new set of items from the fashion designer, who died in 2019, will go up for auction.

Between the poster and the sketch are 5 batches of iPod nanos of different generations making a total of 310 players! , If I like something, I want a lot He said that. These nanos, a priori of which none work, if we believe the description, are divided into groups of 50 and 80 pieces.

Many have a small annotated colored patch on their back. To some, this appears to be an indication of the type of material (opera, or even music from Colette Boutique or compilations from the period the like). Lagerfeld explained that they had iPods for more or less every genre or material.

Karl Lagerfeld, Fashion Kaiser and Apple Madman

Karl Lagerfeld, Fashion Kaiser and Apple Madman

Each of these lots is estimated at between 3,000 and 5,000 euros. And since they no longer work, a backing and a little glue will suffice to make beautiful iPod paintings.

Previously, a Louis Vuitton suitcase to store 20 iPods was offered for sale. She left for €6,930, after an estimate of between €1,500 and €2,500.

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